Each quarter, profits from Beyond the Mat Yoga Collective are donated to charitable or non-profit organizations that uplift the world.

Jerry Powell Fundraiser


These are the words from a very kind and wise man by the name of Jerry Powell. He is a local resident in our community and the business owner of Castlerock Woodworks. He is also the man and family that we have designated as our "meaningful cause" to support for the months of February and March 2023.

We are planning an exciting event in March and will share the details shortly, but until then if you would like to read more about Jerry's story or "pay it forward" by contributing now, you can access the link below.

LifeSpark Cancer Resources

We are currently supporting LifeSpark Cancer Resources. This is a leading-edge non-profit organization that provides Reiki and Healing Touch treatments free of charge. Cancer research shows that the mind and emotions have a profound effect on the body. LifeSpark therapies are complimentary and integrative with traditional medical care and all types of treatments. They help you and you loved ones maximize your ability to recover.

Jefferson Center for Mental Health

From June to October, 2022 we contributed to Jefferson Center, a local non-profit with a vision for "a community where mental health matters and care is accessible to all." They provide services that "foster recovery and resilience in children, adults and families struggling with mental health conditions and substance use disorders." Last year they provided treatment for 34,000 people in Colorado.

Believe in Haiti

During the months of December 2021 through May 2022 we had the honor of contributing to Believe in Haiti and supported four children in Haiti for a year, providing them with uniforms, school supplies and food.

Imagine a place where water is not safe to drink, food is scarce and expensive, poverty presents itself at every corner, and families are extremely vulnerable to natural disasters.

This is Haiti.

In the wake of the tragic earthquake of 2010, most Haitians and their families are still struggling to rebuild their lives. The devastation of this historical event only amplified the destitution and poverty of the people.

But Haiti is resilient! And We Believe in Haiti!ftion and poverty of the people.

But Haiti is resilient. And we Believe in Haiti.

Project Worthmore

Project Worthmore was our first organization to support from August 2021 to November 2021. We donated over 25 loving gift baskets for their mothers at Christmas. The baskets included gloves, hats, lotions, and chocolates. We also contributed towards their canned goods program and school supplies.

Project Worthmore was founded in 2011 by Frank and Carolyn Anello as a response to the acute need for the assistance of refugee families in their community.

From their start offering makeshift English classes in living rooms, they now have over six comprehensive programs to thousands of refugee clients. Over half of their staff are from the refugee community, which helps them to better listen, empower and support those who have come there to rebuild their lives. Strategically located off east Colfax, Project Worthmore is in the heart of the refugee community and therefore easily accessed by their clients. Their team and impact continue to grow as they play a role in supporting people during the worst refugee crisis since World War II.

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